Project Imagine

Project Imagine

Vision Statement

Streamline processes to create an environment that is responsive, flexible, and modern for staff and students.

What is Project Imagine? 

Project Imagine is Lakeshore Technical College’s name for the multi-year project involving the move from its current operating system, Peoplesoft, to a new system called Anthology. This project includes planning, building, testing, and implementing various modules within the new system. These modules include Student, Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll. 

Why is the College switching to a new system? 

Peoplesoft is more than 20 years old, and Lakeshore’s contract is set to expire in June 2025. This gave us a chance to consider other operating systems to better serve our future needs. Lakeshore chose Anthology because it is built for higher education and provides a secure cloud-based system. 


Project Phases: Last updated 10/18/2023
Project Imagine Chart

Most Recent Updates:
  1. Milestone Phase 1 completed
  2. Program versions for Student database completed
  3. Transcript change requested and reviewed with Anthology
In Progress:
  1. HR/Payroll work cycles 1 and 2 through November
  2. ETL1 for Student data validation 11/13 – 12/12 
  3. REACH Apply & Succeed
QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Ellen Raue, ERP Project Manager